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"My Sudden Death: pushing the stroller to the lake" in The Laurel Review, Spring 2022

"My Sudden Death: when our car falls from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge" in The Fourth River, Spring 2021

"Myth" in The Penn Review, Summer 2018

"Extraction" in Radar Poetry, July 2018

Frame” and “Two Views: Terrain” in The Collagist, February 2017; nominated for Pushcart Prize


“Persistence,” “Lightning Tree,” and “Keep” in Hunger Mountain, Spring 2016


The Horse” in Fugue, Summer 2013


“Summer” in Grist, Spring 2013


Two Views: Wes and the Dead Bird” and “Two Views: Duke Street” in The Nashville Review, Fall 2012

Sounds in a Drought,” “Starling Flock at Twilight,” and “Sundial” in Sugarmule, Summer 2012


Glacier” in FutureCycle, Fall 2011

You Are Here” in The Pedestal, October 2010


“You Will Open, You Will Flap Loose” in BackRoomLive, April 2010


You as Two Men in One Canoe,” “We Are Each Part of the Train,” and “The First of Many Decisions,” in Juked Magazine, Spring 2010, winner of Poetry Prize


“Out Running” and “Raccoon decapitated near drainage ditch” in 2River View, Summer 2006

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