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L+S Press 2020 Mid-Atlantic Chapbook Series Winner


The Quarry cover.png

"Joellen Craft is a master of syntax, perspective, and the evocative image. Like 'lightning pulling its twin up through a tree,' these poems explore both stark reality and the mysteries of the unseen—and meld the two into one. The result is miraculous. These are fierce, intelligent, heartrending poems, and Craft's voice is a gift to contemporary poetry." — Lauren Moseley, author of Big Windows


"In the quietly stunning poems of The Quarry, Joellen Craft mines the liminal spaces between words, gesturing toward the unsayable and 'unseeable parts' of encounters with dead deer, felled trees, and distanced beloveds. Craft’s is a relational poetics that stretches syntax across loaded fields of white space, teasing meaning from momentary glances, pauses, and shifts of mood or light. As she tests cracks in our perception of the natural world, each unassuming line breaks the next open like a geode, dazzling with sudden clarity." — Rochelle Hurt, author of In Which I Play the Runaway and The Rusted City

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